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Getting a better vertical leap will do wonders for your 30x30 Total Transformation  volleyball training and your ability to spike with a massive height advantage. There are many different programs for achieving your goal. But do consider several different factors before, well, jumping into a program for your volleyball training to make sure you can jump higher and block better. Do avoid programs that limit your workouts to certain exercises and just keep on increasing the length you do them week by week. If what they want you to do is jump rope for 5 minutes during the first week, then 7 during the second week, and so on, you are not dealing with a program that's really good for your volleyball training. Yes, of course, it's important to increase your exercises week by week, but limiting them to just a few is not going to get you the results you want.And pay attention, too, to the number of repetitions some programs in vertical jump training ask you to do. Some of these program insist that the more reps and sets you do, the more you will improve. The fact is, though, that just about 75% of the benefits a workout will give you come with the first sets you do.



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