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So far, Mr. Bray had not said anything to 7 Day Prayer Miracle me about my assignment. Now, with Bill gone, he seemed to relax a little bit. He looked at me and explained. He had a department which he thought would be of great value to both of us to work in. It was a new Job-Order Cost Accounting section which was developing a program for tracking project costs at the lab. However, he went on, the crew of accountants developing the program had been hand picked for the project because they were the kind of people who would seek new solutions to new problems. Free thinkers, in a way. I gathered that they were a bit unorthodox in their outlooks, and had been given a bit of a free hand to create this new program.As Mr. Bray prepared me for this assignment, he made a comment that I have remembered for over 30 years. He looked at me and said, "Young Bill, there, is a good kid, and I want him to have a chance to work with the Job Order Cost Accounting section eventually, but I think he would be scandalized at the way things are done down there. You, on the other hand, have had the corners knocked off."  



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